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1 February 2010 can be used as a good alternate to Squidoo when we search for a website where we can publish our thoughts, ideas and articles about any topic for free on the internet. On free content sharing websites like, Squidoo, Hubpages etc we don’t need to worry about the layout or design of our webpage, we just need to focus on content part.


Every page that we create on is known as a Hub like we have lens on Squidoo. On a Squidoo lens, we can add as many articles we like but each Hub that is created on contains single article only. We don’t need any technical skill to create our hubs here and we will be able to publish our content including pictures and videos easily with easy to use tools available on


Before start creating our first Hub on Hubpages, we need to sign up with our working email which will take few seconds only. Once we have signed up, we are ready to create our first hub by entering the title, address and tags of our choice for our first hub. After filling this information, we have to add content in our hub by clicking the ‘Edit’ link in the text module available. Once we have added the content and images, we are ready to publish our first hub.


And when we go to, we can browse hubs by:


Hot Hubs - includes those hubs that got high amount of traffic recently.


Best Hubs - includes best Hubs according to their Scores


Latest Hubs - include those hubs that are recently created


With this we can also find hubs by making search for Hubbers (Hub Author) or tags of our choice. And when we open a Hub, we can rate, share or flag that Hub. We can also contact the Hubber or join its fan’s club.


Now let’s talk about how to build traffic and make money using our Hubs. We should include links to our websites and blogs within Hubs content and Author Bio section that we create. And then submit our favorite hubs on top social media sites. One should make comments on other hubs and include links to their hubs in their signature section on discussion forums they actively work. This way they will be able to bring lots of traffic to their Hubs and main websites.


Easiest way of making money through a Hub is via Google Adsense which is available on every Hub that we create. We are going to make some money every time a Google Adsense Ad on our Hub get clicked. If we already have a Google Adsense Account, we can link that to our Hubs and if we don’t have an Adsense Account, can apply for that via our Hubs. When we share our Google Adsense Account here on our Hubs, will be displayed on 60 percent of impressions that our Hubs generate and for the rest of 40 percent impressions, uses its own Google Adsense Account.


To use affiliate programs offered by eBay and Amazon, you need to create an account on them before you go on to edit your Affiliate settings. With these there are hundreds of other popular affiliate programs you can use on your hubs and make money from them. I himself created a Hub on and one can check my Hub to get simple and easy ways to make money from blogs here.

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