Drive traffic & backward links to website with forums

1 February 2010

Drive traffic & backward links to website with forums

We all know what an internet discussion forum is. Forum is an online marketplace where we seek help and give advice on the topics of our choice.

On forums, we have all kind of member like there are people who are expert of their niche and there are some people who are new to their technologies & are on the forum to get more knowledge about their niche.

There are hundreds, thousands of members on the forum and there are some moderators/Administrations as well there to keep track of our activities. If any of forum member go against its standard guidelines, their account can be removed from that forum. So it is advised not to spam forums for your personal benefits.

When you ask a question, many members will reply to that question who have some knowledge or who are expert of that niche. And when someone else ask question, you can also give your valuable advice on that.

Forums give us the opportunity to get in connection with people who are expert or newbie in your niche. This way you and your website will be known by many people in your existing forums.

If you are looking for some free and cool ways to drive traffic to your website/blog, working on forums will be a great idea. There are many ways one can use forums to drive traffic to their websites:

Website in your Signature

Easiest and ethical way of promoting your website though forums is including your website link in your signature section. There are many forums available on the internet that allows its members to add their signature in the footer of their post. When a forum offers you the signature facility, your signature with the links to your website will be visible in the footer of very post that is/will be made by you. And when you have link website link in your signature, it will be visible to everyone whether they are forum member or guests. This way other people will become more familiar with you and your website. There will be many people who will be going to your website/blog through your signature link. This way you will be able to get quality back links as well as traffic for your website.

Posting on related forums is a great way to get quality one way links for your website/blog.

About forum selection

When it comes about getting traffic from forums, one has to make a decision about the kind of forum to go for. One can go for some general and some area specific forums. If you have a travel specific website, choosing the travel based forums will be the best idea. And if you have general marketing, seo, blogging, affiliate related website, working on forums like digital point, Sitepoint, Seochat, warriorforum, seo-guy etc kind of forums will work for you.

Working as an Expert of your Niche

Possibility of people clicking on your website increases when you work as an expert on a forum. When you contribute as an expert of your niche, people are more interested in knowing about you, your website and the kind of service or product your site is offering.

Your views

Have you even worked on a forum? And if yes how is/was your experience there?

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