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1 February 2010

There are many networks available on the internet that pays you some fixed amount for placing their ads on your blog for a month. is such one banner advertising network where you can earn up to $150 per month easily by placing their banner ads on your blogs.

To start making money with this banner advertising network, create an account on and submit up to 5 of your blogs there with four internal pages from each blog. When they have advertisers matching your blog niche, will notify you to add banner code on your blog home page/internal page as per advertiser requirements.

They pay us £3 when we place their ads for a month on any of our blog page. I submitted 5 of my blogs with 4 internal pages from each blog. This way I submitted 25 total URL’s on for selling its banners on my blogs. And last month, I was able to get 15 banner ads on 15 of my blog pages. This way I make £45 (Which equals to $80.49) with them in August month. They send the payments for previous month on the 15th of next month to our paypal or UK bank Account. And it took 5-7 business days for payment to reach to our paypal account. Here is the payment proof for my earnings that I make with in the month of August:

If you want to make some easy money from your blogs, create an account on today and earn $10 as sign up bonus today. Any blogger can earn up to $150 per month with this program without doing anything. Once we have got advertisers on all 25 of our submitted pages, we have to just cash our $150 per month without any effort.

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