Somethings that Affect Alexa rank of a Website

13 April 2011
1. Update Blog/ Web

The more frequently updated blog, the Alexa ranking will also increase. Update here could mean an update post or activity of a blog / web. A new blog that has not so many visitors, but in posting updates every day, then the rank will be able to beat the blogs are already quite a lot of visitors but rarely updated. Blog or website that has many users will easily increase its ranking, since the activity in the blog / web every day.

2. A significant increase in visitors

Blogs that experienced a significant increase in visitors, Alexa ranking will also increase. For example, a blog has 50 visitors, then the next day 100 visitors, then increased to 200 visitors on the following day. Blogs like this will increase the Alexa which is much higher than a blog that has 400 visitors every day, then increased to 420 visitors a week later.

3. Activities blog visitors

Blog visitor activity greatly affect Alexa rankings. For example, a blog with 1000 visitors, 3000 page impressions, and get 50 coment every day, rank much higher than blogs with visitors and page impressions are the same, but rarely get the coment.





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