Fast Ways to Make Money with Twitter

28 April 2011

I’ve tried all 3 of these and I’ve made some money off of all of them. The best part is, it takes like 2 minutes to do these and they work!  I thought you might find them helpful. Check out these simple and fast ways to make money with Twitter.


Make Money Fast in Twitter




This site isn’t just for Twitter users but it’s what I have been using it for. Basically you can tell people what you will do for them for $5. I usually say I will Tweet your ad out to my 15,000 Twitter followers for $5.  When someone likes your “ad” they can order your gig and once completed, you will make money!



Sponsored Tweets

I’ve only played around with this site recently and made a few bucks from it.  The idea is that you tweet someone elses link and they will pay you per click.




Magpie has been my favourite Twitter money making site for a while. I’ve made up to $4 per Tweet. The downside is that the Tweets are not always available for you so the amount you can make is limited.



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