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29 April 2011

I've been using DocStoc for a little while to upload some documents I've created and to also get link love. DocStoc is a PR 8 site and has a lot of quality content on it. And earlier today I got an message from DocStoc commenting that they've added some new updates, one of those being DocCash.





DocStoc has officially come out of it's beta and has decided as an update to their site, they'd like to share 50% of their revenue via AdSense with the uploaders of the DocStoc community with DocCash.

The way DocCash works is you simply set up an account with DocStoc, begin uploading documents, and add your Google AdSense code. DocStoc spilts ads with you 50/50 via AdSense, meaning you get the payment from Google, not DocStoc.


DocStoc provides some really neat features, such as:


* You can upload your documents to DocStoc privately or publicly. Private uploads get a domain that you have to share; public is accessible to all.

* 20 different categories to upload to.

* You can embed your DocStoc documents on your blogs or websites. This feature is awesome because you can zoom, scroll, rotate, drag, and more with the DocStoc widget.


One of the top performing Documents I uploaded to DocStoc was in December 2008 and since then it has gotten 689 reads. Actually, it is currently in the number one spot in Google for the keyword phrase I was targeting. It was an information based document, nothing much I could get out of it. Unfortunately, I couldn't inclue any quality link love within the document, but now I could now possibly get a little extra something by using the site more often from AdSense.


So, how can DocStoc help you make money? Well, because DocStoc is such a high PR site, it ranks fairly well in the search engines, especially for long tail keywords. You can create documents and upload them to DocStoc, create free high quality backlinks to your sites, hubs, blogs, lens, etc. and earn a percentage of revenue. That will help you to increase your overall earnings over time. I'm really loving that so many sites like YouTube, HubPages & DocStoc are allowing us to share in the Google AdSense earnings generated from traffic and page views.


I still can't figure out if I like Scribd or DocStoc better, but I do know I love the fact that DocStoc is now sharing half of their AdSense earnings with DocCash. Scribd hasn't done anything like that, yet...


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