How to earn income online in 8 steps

11 May 2011

There are countless ways to earn a living online. The following is a list of steps that I refer to as the “Shampoo of Online Success”. What do you hopefully do in the shower regularly? Wash, rinse, repeat, wash rinse, repeat, etc. Repeating digital products or duplicating success on the Internet can be surprisingly easy. Here’s a great list of steps that I found scouring the forums.


1 Find a niche

Check out some forums, usergroups, and places like yahoo answers. See what kind of questions people are asking. Look for popular topics.


2 Keyword research

You can use the free tool over at digitalpoint.
Suppose you type in ‘any keyword’;

It will return to you a list of related key words and how often they are searched a day. Then go to Google and search the keyword (with ” ” around it) and see how many sites it will return. The fewer the better for now. Once you get the hang of online marketing I wouldn’t really worry about competition. Just build the better mouse trap.

3 Get a web hosting account

They are pretty cheap. Around 10 bucks a month for a good shared host. Stay away for free web hosts. They are not worth it. I strongly recommend You can host unlimited domains there, and there price is under $25 a year. If money is an issue, do a search for hostgator coupons enter the code when you signup and the first month is only 1 penny.


4 Find or create your product

You can write your own info product or you can go to and chose a product for there. You will get a commission for each sale. (There are novels I could write about in this step, but to keep this post readable I’m assuming you have a product in mind.)


5 Create your site

Now you will want to create a content site. This only needs to be a few pages. You will want to put 10 articles on the site. Make good use of the keywords you researched. Also put out product on the site.


6 Set up an auto responder

This is optional if you REALLY don’t have the money, but it’s something you will need to do eventually. This will collect peoples emails on your website. You write a small report (you can base it off of your articles to save time) Have your visitors sign up to get the free report. Make sure you include a link to you product in the report.


7 Marketing

Remember those forums you looked up to find a good niche? You should start posting (not spamming) on them. Help people out, become an expert in your niche. You don’t really have to be an expert…but you should look like one. Share and help as many people as you can. Include a link you your site in you signature. Also places like yahoo answers. You can answer peoples questions and include a link in your resource box.


You will also want to submit articles to article directories such as

Another good marketing tip is to exchange links with site in the same niche as you.

There are a lot of different marketing techniques you can use (too many to go into here, but this should get you started) Just search around the forums here.


8 Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Do this with several different niches. The more sites you have going, the more money you have coming in.



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