How to Put Music on Your Tumblr Blog

15 June 2011

Tumblr blogs are well-known for not just displaying large amounts of text, but also other media such as photos, videos and music. Since Tumblr's debut in 2007, many blogs have become popular simply for offering a variety of music and music commentary. Tumblr has quickly become a favorite for music bloggers as it provides an easy method for uploading music, and it allows one free MP3 upload per day. Uploading music to Tumblr requires you to own your own MP3s on your computer or have the raw URL to the file.






    • * Log in to your Tumblr account to access your Dashboard at The Dashboard is where you can create new text, music, photo and quote posts.

    • * Click the "Audio" button in the list of various Tumblr post types. The "Audio" button contains a purple icon that depicts an audio equalizer.

    • * Click "Choose File" to browse your computer's file system and pick an MP3 file from your computer to share. This is the option you should choose if you already own the music file and want to upload it directly from your computer. This can be done one time per day.

    • * Click on the "Search" tab and enter in a song name or artist name in the box provided. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to search Soundcloud for a music file, or wait for the results to automatically display in real-time. Choose this option if you do not have the MP3 file to upload.

    • * Click on the "External source" tab if you already know the full URL of the MP3 that you wish to upload. You need to have the entire direct link, which should end in ".MP3".

    • * Type any optional commentary you wish to add in the "Description" box and add tags if desired.

    • * Click the "Create post" button to submit your Tumblr music blog to your followers. This song will be available for streaming or direct download to your readers.

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