Basic tips avoid loss in playing Forex

6 July 2011

Here are couple of basic tips avoid loss / damage is greater in the play Forex:

1. Always put a stop loss order at the time, a precaution to avoid bigger losses.

2. Before the order note the release / announcement of the latest news about the Forex market. You can clay on the site. As a rule of fundamental analysis .* "I will describe in a special article about the meaning istilah2 purpose of the news and its influence on the movement chart (Forex Market)".

3. Never order (enter market) exceeds 20% of your capital, because the rest can be used to hold losses on currency movements against the direction we install.

4. Play in the currency that has spread (the difference between selling price / purchase) the lowest. For example the Euro currency with the U.S. dollar (EUR / USD) that the difference is 3 points / lot. Its function is to maximize profit and minimize loss.

5. Do not be too trusting and relying on charts / chat / graphics, because it could happen GAP (drastic movement, can tiba2 up or down).

6. We recommend using indicator chart setting the time frame / 15 min scale. Usually when the market began to release kira2 this time that there was a movement.

7. Note also the movement of currency / currency of other countries. For example, suppose that we are again trading between EUR / USD. So see jg USD / CHF it is intended as a comparison, so if they move together we do not fight the market direction.

8. If you can avoid playing Day of Friday, because according to the movement of personal experience it is difficult to predict and often occur GAP. Might be due before the market close.


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