Top 10 techniques SEO Tips 2011

8 October 2011

Top 10 techniques SEO Tips 2011


1. Quality content and Big patience.

In my previous post, which is Google pr update 2011  how i get back my pagerank from 0 to 4, it can be seen that i was happy and proud to write the post.

In this SEO tips 2011, i want you to remember that, search engines (in this case Google, what I am talking about) change their regulations and algorithms always, this means, my PR can drop next year, it is always up and down.

The point is, do not too focusing on PR, the quality content is much more important, PR will come alone.
2. Read and learn SEO tips 2011 from these SEO cool websites for free.

Most of these sites are in blog format, means they absolutely have SEO tips 2011.


3. Submit sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

This is because when your site is listed in Google webmaster tool, you can track your keywords how your site is mostly found in Google analytics, or in my case, i had a problem with ending slash in my URL because of w3 total cache, some unwanted errors like this, you would not notice without checking Google webmaster tool.


4. Read my post about how to increase organic traffic blog tips.


If you read that tips and apply this SEO tips 2011, it should work with time. I have done them all for this blog.


5. Choosing a good theme.

When you visit a website, what make you leave and what make you stay longer? this preference can help to improve yours to practice SEO tips 2011.

Listening honest feedback is also valuable for self-improvement.


6. Use search engines friendly URL.

One important of this SEO tips 2011 is optimising your post by using search engine friendly URL, example if you have a post, put your keywords in your URL.

Let’s say, your post will have this keyword phrase: dog training. Then you should put this keyword on your title and URL , like “Dog training tips you won’t ignore” something that really pick up Google users’s interest and attempting them to click. See my post how to change permalink wordpress.


7. Pay attention on meta tag description in each post you make, see more in this All In One seo pack tutorial (On page SEO tips 2011.).

All in One SEO fortunately has great features that notify you how many words meta descriptions will ideally be.


8. Do submit article to article directories as well as press release, this will increase backlinks.


9. When you create a post, and add image to your wordpress blog, name this image, like: yourkeyword.jpeg instead of untitled.jpg.


10. Take care of your loading speed.


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