Web Money is an online electronic payment system

21 October 2011

Web Money is an online electronic payment system is universal. Web Money payment system allows participants who have registered and have a user ID (WMID) to make payments between them.

The entire unit of accounting in the system marked as WM-units, the designation is equivalent to the currency that is different in the account with the appropriate type: WMR was rubles on account of R, WMZ is dollars on account of Z.

Subsequent software used for the entire system works:

- WM Keeper Classic is installed into the PC

- WM Keeper Mobile is a program for mobile phones

- WM Keeper Light is a look of the website

History Web Money

History of Web Money starts on 24 November 1988 was marked by the announcement of the first transaction in the system that tecatat on 20 November.

Currently, Web Money is one of the most popular payment systems not only in Russia but also in CIS countries and Ukraine. The system is also known in the U.S., European, and Arab. Number of users who registered in 2008 has exceeded 6 million.

The state. Areas of legal

Web Money is set by the international legal system and is a cross-border payment systems.


Web Money works with WM-units, which are provided with different assets and are in the appropriate electronic wallet:

- WMR equivalent of RUB on R-purse

- WME equivalent to EUR at the E-purse

- WMZ equivalent to USD at the Z-purse

- WMU equivalent to UAH in U-Purse

- WMY equivalent to UZS at the Y-Purse

- WMB equivalent to BYR on B-purse

- WMG equivalent to one gram of Gold at G-Purse

- WMC and WMD are equal to WMZ for the credit operations at C and ?-purse

The whole operation in the system Web Money done with the help of the office money order. All types of transactions in the system is available in an electronic wallet.


With the help of Web Money Transfer system user financial calculations can be performed, services and goods can be purchased via the internet. Mobile communications services, internet provider and satellite TV can also be paid. Participants have the opportunity to exchange instant and automatic Web Money in the unit to other currencies, to conduct financial operations via email.

Registration in the system

To start using these payment systems are required to complete the registration procedures on the website, and must enter the correct personal data, including name and passport data. After that is required to perform the activation code sent to your email and verify the phone number you entered. Only then you can download the package from the distribution of WM Keeper Classic and website developers to install the program by following the instructions.

Software. Browsers and platforms

All users of the Web Money has a chance to use special software, WM Keeper:

WM Keeper Classic is a separate platform that is installed to the computer user.

WM Keeper Light is a web application that does not require installation of client software to the computer user.

WM Keeper Mobile (GSM Keeper, Telepat) is a Web Money Keeper, which is easy to use. Dibuar in the form of websites and is suitable for use in a regular pc, as well as mobile phones or Pocket PC.

Payment without identity, privacy

In Web Money Transfer requires personalized account, and transfer without the authority of the user's identity. All users had the opportunity to receive a digital certificate, is made as the basis of available data. This certificate is called a passport, the types are:

Alias ??passport - Passport for which data are not verified.

Formal passport - passport with personal data which is verified only when the user does not have the necessity to take WM-units. Passport formally allow the user to use the banking services of the Web Money Transfer, which allows credit and penarikkan assets through the bank, posting instant money through charging system.

Initial passport - given to those who have received formal passports after checking the data proibadi. The owner of this passport had the opportunity to make a deposit and penarikkan WMR melaluo systems with boundaries, significantly past the limits of the formal owner of the passport; to attract WMZ to bank cards accepted through cards.webmonwy.ru card with a limit beyond formal passport restrictions for owners with fewer commission; to issue a blog on WebMoney.ru; to control WM-identifier in a simple scheme.

Personal passport - passport of the Web Money Transfer system. Personal passport issued to the user's Web Money Transfer system, because it has a formal passport and initial after verification of personal data by perugas registration. The price of a passport beginning of the election depends 5WMZ passport. The owner of personal data in exchange berpastisipasi opportunity credit; Capitaller services; require registration of Internet services in any portion of the service Megastock; accept the status of the advisor system; participate in the partnership program verification center.

Registrar passport - a passport that most high-status Web Money Transfer system. Registrar passport paersonal passport issued to the owner only after a private meeting between representatives of the central verification, the "Agreement" by WM Transfer Ltd system. and make payment of compensation in the amount of 2000 WMZ. The owner of this passport can participate in the arbitration services as an officer signup.


Charging money in the system differ from one another; depends on the type of electronic wallet and WM-units.

WM-cards can be used for filling in all the accounts, except for WMG and WMU.

For the following types of electronic wallets are different methods of charging:

For WMR and WMU - ATM, terminals and dealers.

For WMZ - a prepaid card.

For WME - tau prabayara card vouchers throughout Europe.

For WMR - CONTACT and Unistream.

For WMR, WME, WMU - the exchange of cash for one of WM on the exchange agent.


For WMR, WMZ, WMU, WME penarikkan used in the following ways: bank wire, WM exchange in one of the agents to exchange, exchange cash WM or electronic currency on www.exchanger.ru, exchange e-currencies WM for other systems.

There are some interesting possibilities for WM-units:

For WMR - transfer to a Russian bank card, RUR payments made through money transfer systems, WMR exchange for Russian rubles by cash posted through dealers WMR.

For WMU - UAH transfer through trasnfer systems such as Aval-Express and SOFT, and through dealers WMU.

Fee and commission system

Commission in the system is 0.8% of total payments, but not less than 0.01 WM for each transaction. The maximum amount should not exceed 50 for the WMZ and WME, WMR 1500 for, 250 for WMU, 100000 for WMB, WMY and 55 000 for 2 for WMG. For agreement that occurs between similar accounts will not be charged.

Micro payments

Transfer of 0.01 WM system, for example, from a kopeck or from 1 cent.


Exchange of credit work within the framework of the Web Money Transfer, and provide opportunities for pasrtisipan to give or receive credit online, just like a debit services, which allow a user to remove the assets on your account for other system participants.

Protection deal (payment of two phases)

Web Money Transfer system realizes the payment of two phases and has the trust service. This service allows participants to deposit account agreement for the terrencana WM. Money that is taken to be pawned can be paid back only when a deal has been successful.

Money payment system in the Web system can also be secured with a code or a time limit. In this case the money deposited into the payee's account, but can only be used after the term of protection runs out.

Access recovery

If the loss of access codes, you can handle it yourself by using an additional copy of the key. If you lose the copy you can not improve its access, you must follow the procedures, and algorithms which depend on the situation. Perosedur this access has been paid.

Advantages and disadvantages


- High security level

- The system of arbitration

- Service trust

- Payment of two phases

- Dual currency

- International


The requirements are very high security settings

Access to recover a very complicated

Necessary adaptations in the system view

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