Rapid Search Script 2

1 February 2010

Rapid Search Script 2.2

Now searches: RapidShare, MegaUpload, MegaShares, Badongo, FileFront, SaveFile

An admin panel has been added to this script for ease of customization!

This script is now using the new client control panel where clients can manage there script domain licenses. This script comes with unlimited licenses.


*Chose between cURL and FileGetContents!
* Millions of downloads!
* Great traffic potential!
* Free updates! - For life!
* Simple install, just upload and your ready to go!
* Great google indexing with mod_rewrite .html pages!
* Easy to customize, Source is commented!
* Displays file type icons!
* Bad word history filtering!
* Displays latest searches and shows server stats including number of searches, downloads and page views!
* Download page now has a delay before redirection with your advertisements displayed!

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