How To Apply For Technorati Media

28 October 2011

Whenever I meet a new blogger online or when I write about Adsense, I get to read a common thing "Adsense didn't approve my account'. To guys who have been disapproved by Adsense, don't worry! There are lots of ad networks out there. One of them is Technorati Media. You might have seen many sites using Technorati ads and believe me Technorati ads pay quite good (not more than Adsense though).

If you're struggling for Adsense approval, for time being you can join Technorati Media to server advertisements on your blog. It doesn't approve you automatically, but has a less set of requirements I think helping you get approval quickly.
Why Use Technorati Advertisements?

1. Good Adsense alternative.

2. Higher approval rate.

3. Pays considerably good amount.

How To Apply For Technorati Media?

1. Visit this link and fill in all the required data and click on the continue button.

Remember you fill data accurately in order to get approval quickly.

2. At the next page you will be asked to fill in details about ad spots you are interested in displaying, your site traffic, existing advertising partners and a few more fields. At the next screen you will have to accept the advertising terms and you're all set to go!

3. You will get an e-mail from Technorati shortly after you submit your Technorati application.

4. If your site meets Technorati network's requirements, you will get an approval letter soon.

Though I got approved within 2 hours, I will recommend you to wait for 48 hours. They won't take that long, but it's always good to be patient.

5. Once your account is approved, you have to verify your domain name just like you verify Google webmasters account.

6. Once everything is done, a final review is done by Technorati team and once it's completed they will send you a set of tags you can use to display Technorati advertisements in your blog or websites.


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