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31 October 2011

ClickBump SEO! is designed to help your posts and pages dramatically improve their search rankings.
When activated, you will see the ClickBump SEO! panel right alongside the content editor for each of your posts and pages.
It also allows you to see at a glance, all of your posts and page's target keyword phrase and calculated SEO! Score, right from the Posts or Pages listing.

1) Keyword Density Percentage
2) Total Word Count. Should be > 300
3) Checks that your page title contains your target keyword phrase
4) Checks that your page or theme contains H1, H2 and H3 headers with your target keyword phrase
5) Checks that your page or theme contains an image with an ALT tag containing your target keyword phrase
6) Checks that your page has your target keyword phrase in the first and last sentences
7) Checks that your page has an internal link to another page
8) Allows you to easily update or change your page's target keyword phrase
9) Calculates your page's overall SEO! Score each time you publish the page
10) Display's each page's SEO! keywords and SEO! Score on the Posts and Pages listings for at a glance analysis
11) Provides specific suggestions to improve your SEO! Score on each page
13) Option to parse content for external links and adds rel="nofollow" to them to avoid passing link juice and PR to external links.
14) Option to add a cloak folder where you store your cloaked links, to allow rel="nofollow" on those links.
15) Fixed issue when seo! keyword has special characters
16) Checks for primary keyword phrase in boldface near the top of post and gives bonus points accordingly
17) Added options to settings panel to allow SEO to give credit for your theme's existing use of H1-H3 headings
18) Added options to settings panel to allow SEO to give credit for your theme's existing use of alt text in images
19) Replaced thumbs down icon with construction cone icon
20) Added "No Category Base" option to SEO! Settings to remove "Category" name from URLs
21) Improved scoring algorithm for better accuracy
22) Fixed potential plugin clash with other existing permalink customization plugins
23) Fixed issue when post/page titles contained non alphanumeric characters.
24) Lowered acceptable default keyword density range to 1-4%
25) Added option to override default keyword density with your custom values for low and high.
26) Added sanitization function for funky encodings that were creating false mismatches in rare copy/paste content
27) Fixed issue that was causing 404s on some occassions after clean category URLs were engaged
28) Fixed issue where low kwd default was set to 2 instead of 1
29) Renamed some functions to avoid potential plugin clashes
30) Increased minimum acceptable word count to 300
31) Now more compatible when special characters are used in titles. SEO strips PKP to alphanumeric.
32) SEO allows hyphens in PKP
33) Changed "Keyword in last sentence" routine to work even when garbage markup or images exist at the end of the post content.

== Installation ==

To install, simply upload the file via the WordPress Plugin installer and click "Activate".
The plugin is now active and ready to use. If you downloaded this software from a bundle package, you will need to extract the to your desktop in order to locate the file.

NOTE: When you first install, ClickBump SEO!, you will see "Not Set" next to each of your posts and pages.
Once you have clicked publish on each of your posts, it will calculate the SEO! Score and register the target keyword phrase for that page and it will update the "Not Set" value with the actual value extracted from the page.



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