Website With Too Much Banner Advertising And Ppc Ads

23 December 2011

Without advertising, far too many sites would not be able to deliver the quality content and features for which they become famous. Without advertising, far too many more people would be chained to their computers working boring desk jobs in a soulless cubicle village. But too much of a good thing - even with advertising - can become a bad thing. While it may not seem possible - after all, the more ad revenue one gets, the more profitable the site, right? - advertising can be a bad thing. If you are wondering how this can happen and how to avoid the negative side effects of over-advertising, then read on.

1) Advertising can become too intrusive.

Banner advertising and pay per click ads are the two most lucrative forms of advertising because of the prominence they take at the top or side of a web page (or within the body of the text for articles). Advertisers, if you're making a lot of traffic, are willing to pay a pretty penny for all the ways that you allow them to spread their messages. But users do not come to your site to be sold to. They come to your site to read about or listen to podcasts of or watch videos on a topic that you express passion and expertise over. If they constantly feel bombarded by banner ads and pay per click, then they are liable to become turned off by your content. And when traffic begins to fall, so does advertising revenue. While the glut of today may feel pretty good, it could mean for a little lean days ahead.

2) Advertising can interfere with how you create content.

Other way that too much big advertising can negatively affect you is in the way that you create content. It all comes back to the reason why your users discover you and return to see what you need to say over and over again. It's not for the ads. They can be reached through well targeted advertising while at your site, but only if the ad in question does not supersede the content itself, which is why they're there to begin with. So not only should you avoid too far too many banner ads and pay per click ads, but you should also be discerning in whom you choose to do business with and how you let their messages affect your content.

When one is looking for advertising revenue, there is a tendency to feel that one does not need any power, when this couldn't be further from the truth. If you run a good site that generates trafficComputer Technology Articles, you need a product of value.


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