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8 February 2012

So what exactly is KontentBot? KontentBot is a new WordPress Plugin that creates unique articles for your website for you for free! Think of it as the next generation of autoblog plugins. KontentBot will save you time and money.

KontentBot - How Does It Save Me Time And Money?

We all know that with SEO you should create unique content for your website otherwise Google will penalize you. The new Google Panda updates takes this a step further and virtually makes autoblogs useless (at the very least a huge headache) these days. KontentBot will bypass the Google content scans as it makes sure the articles you post to your site are in fact unique.

You can go out and hire a content writer to create all of your content. A good content writer will normally cost $5-15 or even more for a 500 word + article. 5 articles and you are sitting on a $25-75 investment into your website which may or may not be a profitable one. Plus, that is just for 5 articles. What if you wanted 5 more for another website? Your wallet (or your spouse) will hate you especially if these investments aren't turning into profitable ones. Also, have you ever dealt with a content writer from another country that just doesn't get what you need or can't write an article in proper english? I have and it's very frustrating.

KontentBot can save you time as well because if you decide to write the articles yourself you can easily get stuck and begin a staring contest with your monitor (the monitor always wins). I've begun projects before myself where I think I can easily write 5 to 10 articles on the subject yet after the 2nd article I begin to really dig deep for content.

KontentBot - How Does It Work?

KontentBot creates content in 5 simple steps:

Simply create a new page or post and type in your keyword
KontentBot will go out and grab a 95% unique, 500 word+ article.
Use the built in spinner to change your selected words making it 100% unique and very readable
Use the built in Copyscape checker to verify the article is absolutely unique
Post it to your site. That's it!

As you can see KontentBot creates articles in about 5 minutes. It does the hard work for you. You can think of it as your writer and you are the editor-in-chief sitting in the comfortable office waiting for your writers to provide you content for you to approve.

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