3 Hours Accepted by Google Adsense Through Docstoc

19 May 2012

Probably most of you already know about docstoc.com its general functions. But there are still plenty who do not know about docstoc.com, if my friends want to know more clearly about docstoc.com and functions, as well as the regulations provided for registrants docstoc Adsense through docstoc.com, please visit my previous post that discusses the "Easy sign up for Google Adsense With Docstoc"

In the article explained how to list docstoc.com first version, and some of the functions of registration to facilitate docstoc in google Adsense. in my article this time I will not explain about docstoc, but I will only explain how to quickly accepted by google adsense through docstoc.com, because this article is just want to fix the article and update registration trough docstoc.com google adsense

Well, there are some that must be prepared by us before we signed up for google adsense docstoc. The first we have to fix is, the extension gmail.com email account. Why should gmail? Because of this we will further simplify and accelerate and expand the possibilities we are accepted by google adsense. Maybe you all already understand why. For those who already have a gmail.com account and never register it in google adsense, do not need him anymore, but if you already have an account but previously had been tried to be registered to google adsense, must create a new gmail account.

Preparation of the two, we must prepare the form of pdf documents, word, Excel, or another document in English. Must speak English and have a public license, because docstoc not accept documents that are protected under license and are not received permission to increase it. This English-language documents should we provide at least 15 (fifteen) files, to speed up the Adsense in the indexing application that we send them (I suggest to provide more than 15 files) because the more open we are likely to be accepted by Google AdSense. If you are able to provide or create the original file, you should use the original file, but if you can not afford, you can search for free e-book file via google.com.

Well, for the next step, you make a few registration steps below:
1. Open www.docstoc.com/DocCash, Register

2. Later there is the option "All you need is a Google AdSense account to join. Do not have one yet? That's okay - We'll help you set one up. It's easy. "

3. Select "I'd like to set up an adsense account", then enter the email address you want to use. (I suggest you should use an email account that has not been registered in Adsense.)

4. After that open the e-mail that has been registered, then you will receive confirmation via email, click on the confirmation, you will connect to google adsense site to complete the form, and there is an option that asks you to choose whether to approve your adsense account can be accessed by the docstoc (in this case docstoc can not access all the information your Adsense account), options should you choose is to approve docstoc for accessing your AdSense account.

5. Up here you have not done, you must return to the page / tab in your profile to complement your account profile docstoc up to 100%.

6. If you have completed your profile, you must upload the documents that you provide.

7. Up here you're done, you just have to wait at least 3 hours to receive confirmation of receipt by the Google team AdSene you. Eat from it, to wait, please do something useful.

It should be noted:
* Before submitting the application Adsense, complete the first 100% docstoc profile, it's up to how.
* Before submitting the application Adsense, first upload 15 (or more) files that have been provided.
* If you get a reply from Adsense, which describes a web application that you submit in repairs (underconstuction), I suggest to upload the file again in docstoc.com, until more than fifteen or more than twenty, then follow the steps that must be done to resubmit your Adsense applications.


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